The Webcast TV Show is airing Episode 70 this Thursday, January 29th at 7 P.M. (EST).

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The topic “Forensic Interviewing in Child Abuse cases,” with a distinguished panel of guests from the Child Advocacy and Juvenile Justice community.  There is some controversy in regards to whether or not some police and prosecutors are choosing to use forensic interviewing to assist the child with pretrial preparations and investigations for evidence and convictions.  How are child advocates handling these delicate cases? Find out by viewing this episode. Join host, Tom Mauriello and the ForensicWeek crew on brought to you by ForensIQ, Inc.  Thank you for watching!

 Child Abuse

Special guests on this show will be Dr. Quanda Stevenson, Ph.D, Program Director Criminal Justice, Athens State University;  Claire Jones, Esq., former Deputy District Attorney for Limestone County Courts, Alabama and Board Member of the Child Advocacy Center;  Susan McGrady, Director of the Child Advocacy Center, Limestone County; and Marcia Milliken, Executive Director of the Minnesota Children’s Alliance.

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