“Investigative hypnosis,” or what is sometimes referred to as “forensic hypnosis,” is a scientific method for stimulating the memory of a victim, witness, or even a suspect to recall information not readily retrievable. It is used in both criminal and civil cases. It deals with the ability to assist a subject to recall events and information relevant to an investigation while in a hypnotic state.

There are two general uses for investigative hypnosis. One is to sharpen a witness’ memory in order to uncover investigative leads that can corroborate evidence. The second use is to refresh memory that has been totally repressed or blocked from recall. A crime victim or witness observing a traumatic event can sometimes experience a memory blockage resulting in a loss of information at a conscious level. A suspect may not recall valuable information that could exonerate them from being a “person of interest.” Hypnosis can be used to break through that barrier and recover information, or remove the distractions that had caused the subject to forget information in the first place.

Tom Mauriello is a trained “Investigative Hypnotist.” He has been providing this service to police agencies and other clients since January 21, 1981, when he was trained to conduct investigative hypnosis interviews by the Investigative Hypnosis Institute, Baltimore, Maryland.

Clients who have an interest or need for this service are urged to contact Tom Mauriello for more information on its use, when it should be used, and how to prepare a subject for the interview.