This is where ForensIQ separates itself from the rest. When you are evaluating your requirements and not sure what they are, who do you go to for help? Most forensic experts are just that, experts in one field or another. This may cause you to pay for expert services that were not what you needed. What you need is a “strategy” expert to evaluate your requirement and employ the exact expertise you need. That is exactly what ForensIQ does best.

Unlike most forensic consultants in the industry who focus on one particular area of expertise, such as computer forensics or ballistics, ForensIQ employs a cross-discipline approach. It brings together philosophy and methodology from all forensic fields of study to help legal teams develop investigative strategies that strengthen cases for their clients.

ForensIQ’s Tom Mauriello, is an expert in the criminal justice, forensic, security/counterintelligence and training fields. During his nearly 40-year career, Tom has established himself as one of the most respected leaders in the field of forensics. A professor of criminal justice and forensic sciences at the University of Maryland—and a law enforcement, security and counterintelligence practitioner—he’s a pioneer in forensic strategy. His investigative strategy and consultation services have made him a highly sought after expert for legal teams, law enforcement agencies and media outlets alike.

Tom is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) and has available at his fingertips, a complete array of forensic science experts that can satisfy any requirement. AAFS members must meet stringent requirements to prove their experience and expertise in their field of practice. When ForensIQ uses the services of one of its members, they ensure their credentials are vetted and are members in good standing.


Paul Woodie – Computer Forensics and Cyber Security

Paul Woodie–Computer Forensic Expert


Paul Woodie is ForensIQ, Inc’s new partner. He is a Computer Forensic Expert from Arnold, MD. He teaches a three-day, hands-on course that delivers information about identity theft, viruses, malware, and cyber intrusions into our critical infrastructures (e.g., power grid, financial systems, etc.).

To learn more about Paul and his professional career, here is his resume. PEW-resume