Let Tom Mauriello and the ForensIQ team evaluate your criminal case from crime scene to crime lab. His passion for the “balance of justice” will provide an independent and non-bias review of the charges again your client. He will meticulously assess every aspect of the case by examining every activity performed by each player in the investigative process. He will evaluate all evidence collected during the investigation; as well as evidence that may have been overlooked. He will recommend what forensic experts may be needed to strengthen your case. Finally, he will provide a detailed “Case Assessment Report” of his findings.

The players in the criminal investigation process tend to work in a stove-pile fashion, which results in one-hand not knowing what the other knows, or what their findings means to the rest of the investigation. ForensIQ takes that worry away from the client by looking at the case in its aggregate form and associating each bit of information against each other. The result is recognition of the strengths and weaknesses of the entire case, and a strategy for uncovering the truth.

A CASE ASSESSMENT includes the entire case file review to include:

  • Deposition and trial transcripts-A/V and hardcopy;
  • Investigative and crime laboratory reports;
  • Medical-legal reports, including emergency medical technicians as well as the medical examiner;
  • Crime scene photographs, sketches, video and chain of custody evidence forms;
  • Witness and victim statements; and
  • Charging documents.