Lab Work Let ForensIQ become your partner and evaluate your criminal case from crime scene to crime lab.  Tom Mauriello and ForensIQ’s partners have a passion for the “balance of justice” and will provide an independent and unbiased review of the charges against your client.

They will meticulously assess every aspect of the case by examining every activity performed by every player in the investigation process.  All evidence collected during the investigation will be evaluated; as well as evidence that may have been overlooked.  During the preliminary assessment, ForensIQ will recommend and provide the forensic experts needed to strengthen your case.  Finally, a detailed “Case Assessment Report” with their findings.

ForensIQ’s global Forensic Investigation Services answer all the interrogatives from crime scene to crime lab:

  • ForensIQ Inc. — WHY do you need us?
  • The Crime Scene — WHERE is all the evidence?
  • The Interpretation of the Evidence — WHAT does it all mean?
  • The Case File Assessment — HOW do the pieces fit together?
  • The Process Evaluation — WHO are the players and WHAT did they do?
  • Further Investigation — WHEN do you need further forensic investigation?