PG_Office 002ForensIQ provides government contractors as well as individual consultation when preparing to take a polygraph examination as a condition of employment or access to classified information.  ForensIQ firmly believes that the more you are prepared and know what to expect prior to taking a polygraph examination, the better your success at the end of the process.  Time and money are wasted when a successful polygraph examination is not achieved.  There are four services that ForensIQ can provide that will “make a difference” when the time comes:

PRE-POLYGRAPH INTERVIEW SCREENING SERVICE:  The personnel security process is long enough without having an unsuccessful polygraph slow things down.  Tom Mauriello will sit down with your employee and go over their security forms before their first polygraph, which will eliminate difficulties that affect the polygraph examination outcome.  He is a neutral party who can quickly identify potential issues and clear up any confusion or anxiety the employee may have prior to the polygraph examination.  Finally, and most importantly, there will be NO surprises for the employee when they report for their first polygraph interview. 

 How does this work? The employee is advised that prior to forwarding their paperwork to the sponsoring government agency, a Polygraph Consultant will sit down with them and clarify any questions they have concerning the security processing in preparation for their polygraph examination.  The sooner this interview is conducted the better. The employee is advised that the Polygraph Consultant is a neutral party who they can trust to help them with any confidential matters they may want to discuss before their polygraph examination.  This ensures that their security documents are correct to the best of their ability and that they know what questions will be asked during the polygraph. Tom is firmly committed to maintaining the confidentiality of those who use these services.  It is made clear to the client and to the employee being interviewed, that any information discussed during the interview will be kept in the strictest of confidence, and not shared with their employer or anyone else without their permission.

 The result of the PRE-POLYGRAPH INTERVIEW SCREENING SERVICE is an employee who is clear, focused, confident and ready for their polygraph examination.  General nervous tension is expected and is adjusted for by the examiner and the polygraph instrument.  It is extreme “anxiety” caused by fear of the unknown that results in unsuccessful polygraph examinations.  This service will eliminate most or all of that for the employee.  So use this service with all of your employees and experience a faster and smoother process.   You will have eliminated many of the 14 reasons listed below that can result in an unsuccessful polygraph examination.

RE-POLYGRAPH INTERVIEW SERVICE:  You have an employee who has not been successful in the polygraph room.  You do not know why.  They say they do not know why.  You need the experience and skill of someone who can MAKE A DIFFERENCE for you and your employee to get them through. 

Tom is a Polygraph Consultant who understands every aspect of the process.  He is a neutral party, who has heard it all and wants to clear the way for them to get through their security processing.  He takes an independent point-of-view, and examines what issues exist that have resulted in an unsuccessful polygraph examination.  Then, he provides the employee with clear guidance on how best to prepare for their next polygraph interview.  Although these services are normally requested by the employer, they also come directly from the employee.

Subjects now have someone they can trust to discuss their concerns with—an independent Polygraph Consultant who is honest, unbiased, and direct.  At the end of the consultant session, the client can be confident that everything has been done to get their employee through the polygraph hurdle.  It will… “Make A Difference.”  Services are billed by an hourly rate and are scheduled at the convenience of the client.

Group Presentation — a briefing presentation that will eliminate the mystery, misconceptions, and anxiety from the whole polygraph process.  “Truth & Lies Of the Polygraph,” presented by Tom Mauriello himself, tells the “truth,” as he presents the polygraph process as it really is.

DVD Presentation – “The Truth About The Polygraph”  —  7.5 minutes in length.  Discover the TRUTH ABOUT THE POLYGRAPH as Department of Defense employees, contractors and examiners share their stories about the legendary examination.  Their testimony is unscripted based on their own unique experiences with the test.  Their insights can help you feel more at ease and better prepared for your polygraph examination.

Pamphlet – “Your Polygraph Examination — an important appointment to keep” — a tri-fold pamphlet that is used in conjunction with the DVD that contains all the information you need to prepare for your examination. Polygraph Consultation Pamphlet

Article, “How to Prepare for a Security Clearance Polygraph Examination.”