Lizzy Borden

Discovery Channel’s documentary, ‘Lizzie Borden Had An Ax,’ where Forensic Consultant, Tom Mauriello, and LAPD Retired Homicide Investigator, Tom Lange, principle investigator in the O.J. Simpson Double Murder Case, reinvestigate the Lizzie Borden double murders committed in 1892


Truth and Lies About Polygraph

Discover the TRUTH ABOUT THE POLYGRAPH as US DoD employees, contractors and examiners share their stories about the legendary exam.  Their testimony is unscripted based on their own unique experiences with the test.  Their insights can help you feel more at ease and better prepared for your polygraph examination.


Researching Maryland

Professors from the University of Maryland come together to discuss how scientists can assist in criminal investigations.


CBS with Erin Moriaty

CBS Sunday Morning News – The Madrid, Spain Train Bombing and the Mayfield Case concerning the reliability of fingerprints.

CBS Sunday Morning News – Fingerprints

ABC World News Tonight

ABC World News – Discussing the forensic evidence in the O.J Simpson Murder Trial.


FOX News with Bill O’Reilly – Washington Sniper Case

Fox Cable News with Bill O’Reilly the evening the Washington D.C. Snipers were Arrested


MSNBC with Lester Holt

MSNBC Cable News –  ‘Lester Holt Live’ discussing the ‘CSI Effect’ with Tom Mauriello.


WUSA, Channel 9, Wash., DC – Eyewitness Testimony

WUSA, Channel 9 TV News – An Eyewitness Testimony experiment in the classroom. See video…



WUSA, Channel 9 TV News, Wash., DC – Use of Thief Powder

WUSA, Channel 9 TV News – An Experiment in the lab on the use of theft detection powder. See video…


Forensic You Decide Series – Episode 5, “Caught on Tape.”*

Investigation Discovery (ID) Cable TV Channel – Forensic You Decide Series – Episode 5, ‘Caught on Tape,’ – Demonstrates evidence uncovered by forensic consultant, Tom Mauriello in a Baltimore City Arson/Homicide Case.   *This show is scheduled to be aired August 3, 2012 at 10:00 PM ET/PT.  See more…


Forensic You Decide Series – Episode 13, “Silent Witness.”

Investigation Discovery (ID) Cable TV Channel – Forensic You Decide Series – Episode 13, ‘Silent Witness,’ – Forensic Consultant, Tom Mauriello is asked to conduct an experiment in his crime lab comparing the blood spatter caused from a blood soaked dog at a crime scene with an impact spatter caused from a blunt force object striking the head of a human.


WJZ, Channel 13 Baltimore, Highlights the 6 Dollhouse Crime Scenes.

WJZ TV News, Baltimore – Highlighting the six dioramas from Tom’s book, “The Dollhouse Murders.”


WUSA TV 9 – Forensic Evidence from the Chandra Levy Death Investigation in Washington, D.C.


CTV interview concerning police collection of arrestee’s DNA prior to a conviction argued before the US Supreme Court. See video…



Interview on WJZ TV 13, concerning the Dr. Nikita Levy Suicide

WJZ TV 13, Baltimore, February 28, 2013 interview concerning the  investigation into how Johns Hopkins gynecologist Nikita Levy secretly videotaped perhaps thousands of his patients–and who knew about it–now includes former Baltimore City Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld, as well as state regulators, city police and the city state’s attorney.