Online/Magazine/Newsletter Article Commentary


  • Quoted in an article December 22, 2016 by Catherine Herridge, Fox News – National Security, about the use of the polygraph and subjects being accused of  using “countermeasures” to beat the polygraph examination.   The article is entitled, “Attorney: FBI singling out Chinese-American with insider-threat program.”   The article references a client who has been accused of using countermeasures in an attempt to pass his 5 year update polygraph.
  • The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper, Friday, May 20, 2016, “Pike County killings still top priority for state investigators,” by Jennifer Smola & Holly Zachariah. Tom Mauriello discusses the criminal investigation process concerning this case of 8 family members murders in Pike County, Ohio.
  • The California Identification Digest – Vol. 5, Issue 5, Sept./Oct. 2015, p.16, “ Webcast.”  Article written by Tom Mauriello discussing the three LIVE SHows broadcast at the International Association for Identification IAI Annual Centennial Educational Conference, Sacramento, CA, August 2-8, 2015.  Click here to view newsletter 2015 09-10 CA_IAI_Digest
  • Science News – Magazine of the Society for Science & the Public, August 20, 2015, “How dollhouse crime scenes schooled 1940s cops – Frances Glessner Lee’s dioramas helped bring a scientific approach to forensic science.” by Helen Thompson.
  • Popular Science Magazine, May 2003, pp. 38-39, “Welcome to the Dollhouses of Death,” by Jessica Snyder Sachs.
  • The Hatchet, Lizzie Borden’s Journal of Murder, Mystery & Victorian History, Vol.5, No. 1, Issue 21, pp. 42-45, “Crime Scene Investigation and the Lizzie Borden Case — An Interview with Professor Thomas Mauriello.”
  • Security Management Magazine, August 2001, p. 16, “Vulnerability Identified in Fax Machines and Printers,” by Michael A. Gips.
  • Miniature Collector Magazine, April 1998, pp. 38-39, “Crime Scenes in Miniature,” by Mary Durland.
  • The University of Maryland Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 1, Fall 2002, pp. 22-27, “…the Science of what you see — From BLOOD-STAINED urban crime scenes to tree burials on American Indian reservations, Maryland forensic experts are lending their knowledge and investigative skills to crime solving across the country,” by Carol Casey.
  • The University of Maryland Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 3, Summer 1993, p. 41, “At the Scene of the Crime.” By Heather Davis.
  • FHM — For Him Magazine, October 2003, p. 34, “Investigations ‘The Doll Did It’ — Professor goes CSI on Ken and Barbie.”
  • TV Guide, March 27 – April 2, 2004, pp. 34-36, “How real is CSI? — Three forensic detectives dissect America’s favorite crime show,” by Joe Rhodes.
  • Smithsonian — Campus on the Mall, Summer 2004, p. 4, “Anatomy of Crime — Finding the Clues,” presented by Thomas Mauriello, 13 July 2004.

Newspaper Article Commentary

  • The Washington Times, Section F, November 5, 2001, pp. F1 and F4-F5, “Textbook case of criminal justice — Law & scholarship — Criminal justice college major grows in depth and popularity,” by Lisa Rauschart.
  • The Gazette, Laurel, November 11, 2004, p. A-9, “Local expert examines Borden’s guilt on program,” by Joan McNeil.
  • USA Today, March 23, 2004, p. 7D, “Autopsy minus the scalpel — ‘Virtual’ imaging technology could offer high-tech alternative,” by In-Sung Yoo.
  • Toronto Sun (Canada), October 24, 2005, “Tiny rooms filled with tiny murder victims are part of U.S. criminologist’s teaching method.  So, who whacked Barbie?” by Thane Burnett.
  • The Washington Post, May 27, 1993, p. Md.3, “The Crime Scene—But in Miniature—Student Sleuths Use Doll House for Solutions,” by Jon Jeter.
  • The Herald Mall (Hagerstown, MD), October 8, 1995, p. A1, “DNA on trial: Area experts debate,” by Guy Fletcher.
  • The Howard County (MD) Times, April 27, 1995, p. 8, “Police defend limited use of lie detector tests,” by Maria Archangelo.


  • ABC News, July 27, 2008, “Search for Caylee Continues – Online — Helpful Volunteers and Bloggers or Interfering Vigilantes? — Search Tips Can Cause Problems,”  contributor, Nancy Quade, ABC News Research.
  • Crime Scene KC (A media blog), October 26, 2007, “Can we trust fingerprints?”, posted by James Hart (Courts administration/Permalink).
  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, January 8, 2004, Style Section, “Real-Life CSI chief frets not about show’s altered reality,” by Celia Storey.
  • Associated Press (AP), July 27, 2004, “’CSI Effect’ Proof of Television Influence Upon Citizenry.”