Science News Magazine – Article Discusses Tom Mauriello’s use of Crime Scene Dollhouses

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Science News – Magazine of the Society for Science & the Public, August 20, 2015, “How dollhouse crime scenes schooled 1940s cops – Frances Glessner Lee’s dioramas helped bring a scientific approach to forensic science.” by Helen Thompson.  This article discusses the development of dollhouses to training police and students in the art of criminal scene investigation.  Tom Mauriello was interviewed for this article to discuss how he was inspired to use dollhouse crime scenes to teach his students. Show – “The Crime Scene Analyst – For Real”

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The Webcast TV Show is airing Episode 75 this Thursday, April 23rd 7:00 P.M. (EST). The topic “The Crime Scene Analyst – For Real.”  This show will clear-up all the misconceptions brought on by Hollywood with the “CSI Effect.”  Hear from a real crime scene analyst and learn what the job really involves.  Guest Lurena Huffman, a certified crime scene analyst from the Suffolk Police Department will make this happen for you.  So join host Tom Mauriello and the ForensicWeek crew on brought to you by ForensIQ, Inc.  Thank you for watching!