CBS Sunday Morning News w/ Erin Moriarty interviewing Tom about the Brandon Mayfield case.

CBS Sunday Morning News w/ Erin Moriarty interviewing Tom ref. the Brandon Mayfield case.

The following are criminal justice, forensic science, security and investigation topic areas Tom is prepared to discuss and provide expert opinion with the media upon request:

      • Police protocols and procedures
      • Criminal and Crime Scene Investigation
      • Information gathering and probably cause standards
      • General Forensic Evidence collection and analysis
      • Firearms Identification
      • Questioned Document Examination
      • Death Investigation
      • Sex Offense Investigation
      • Criminal Justice and forensic science education and training
      • Interview Techniques
      • Polygraph Examinations
      • Investigative Hypnosis
      • Eyewitness Identification


Reporters/producers requesting an on-camera interview at the University of Maryland Crime Laboratory should also contact the University Office of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Media Relations Office, for policy and parking support.  They can be reached on 301-405-1011 or online

Below is Tom being interviewed on April 19, 2013 by WJZ TV Baltimore Anchor-Vic Carter, talking about the events of the Boston Marathon Bombings that occurred the same week.

WJZ 041913