Prosecution from Gun Buyback

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There has been concern around endangering the anonymity factor in the gun buyback program. After Boston’s buyback multiple investigations are underway by police after guns turned in were suspected of being used in possible crimes. The spokesman for the Boston Police Department has stated “The success of the gun buyback isn’t measured in the number of arrests made or cases successfully prosecuted. It’s about getting guns off the streets and making our community safer.” More than 270 guns have been turned in to police. The mayors office stated participants giving guns will not be prosecuted for unlawful possession but their guns will be tested to determine if they were used in crimes. This could cause potential problems for some and deter others from wanting to participate.

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Click here to see below blog item where ForensIQ’s, Tom Mauriello comments on an ABC TV News story discussing this same issue.

Source: Boston Herald


[Abstract written by Alicia Terrell, ForensIQ Intern, 050114]

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