Indiana Proposal Would Require All Arrestees to Provide DNA Samples

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Indiana lawmakers are making an effort to try and pass legislation that would require all arrestees of criminal offenses to provide a DNA sample. A study by Indiana University – Purdue University concluded that DNA collection from all arrested individuals would save Indiana taxpayers approximately $60 million annually.

Requiring all arrested individuals to provide their DNA would expand the database of the Indiana State Police crime lab, helping convict repeat criminal offenders and save in officer response times, and investigations, prosecutions, and court time. The lab collects 18,000 new samples per year and contains more than a quarter of a million DNA samples, which over the past 17 years, has helped law enforcement link nearly 4,200 suspects to crime scenes.

Senator Jim Merritt, states that having all arrestees provide DNA samples for criminal offense can serve as a quality tool, expand the state’s database, and can ultimately play a large role in law enforcement.

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Source: The Indy Channel

[Abstract written by Noel Andres, ForensIQ Intern, 5/1/2014]

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